Agility Ladder Lateral Drill


The Workout:

-6 to 10 Rounds

-1 Round = perform all 6 movements in succession as quickly as possible (Try to get under 1 minute!)
-Rest for an amount of time equal to how long it took you to complete the above (i.e. If it takes you 47 seconds to do all
6 movements, rest for 47 seconds before beginning the next round).

A lot of us leave lateral movement out of our daily routines, and that means we’re missing out on an entire plane of

Build your agility, accuracy, coordination and balance with these lateral drills and start becoming a better athlete.

Coach Kevin provides simple methods to help you see the results you really want, and that means always using safe
movements and efficient exercises. Check out the video and give these drills a try. It may take some practice to get it
rust right, but as you increase your agility and speed, they’ll make a huge difference in your workouts.

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Stay fit and sleep tight!