Published On: Sun, Nov 11th, 2018

Age Uke – High Block in Karate

Age Uke - High Block in Karate

Age Uke

This is one of the most important blocks in all martial arts, in traditional karate it has a few differences. You will find this block on most Katas and techniques, in traditional karate the opposite hand is in a chamber like if you were doing a back elbow strike.

Step by step:

  • Your starting positions should be a Kiba dachi or any other training stance.
  • Your hands should be on your right side before you do your first block.
  • Your first block should move to your center and the up in front of your forehead.
  • Keep your elbow aligned with your shoulder.


  • Do not overextend your block, it should end where your body ends.
  • Your block has to be extended out from your forehead.

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