Age Uke - High Block in Karate

Age Uke

Age Uke is also known as the high block, the rising block, or the upward block. It is used against any attack above the solar plexus. It is considered a very important block that can also be found in other martial art styles but with a few differences. Age Uke is an important piece in many Katas and techniques.

Full Execution of Age Uke in Karate

Age Uke Details

To make sure you have a proper high block you need to:

  • Your forearm should not be close to your forehead.
  • The high block goes up from the middle of your body until reaches in front of your head.
  • Your forearm should not be flat, it should be a bit at an angle to facilitate the control of the attacker in case you would want to grab the wrist.
  • Do not lean forward the arm or the attacker, keep your back straight because you should be in control.

Age Uke Step by step:

  • Your starting position should be a Kiba dachi or any other training stance.
  • Your hands should be on your right side before you do your first block.
  • Your first block should move to the center of your body, which has to travel up in front of your forehead and then rotate your forearm exposing the outer side of it.
  • Keep your elbow aligned with your shoulder.

Age Uke is usually practiced against straight punches, we see a 90-degree angle in front and above the forehead. This will expose the attacker’s ribs and part of the middle section to a counterattack.


  • Do not overextend your block, it should end where your body ends.
  • Your block has to be extended out from your forehead.
  • Do not lean forward when blocking, the block meets the attack only.

Is the high block or Age Uke effective in Kumite?

Age Uke is a very effective block, but in Kumite, it would depend on the attack and how skillful you are. You should always have a counterattack after a block, especially in Kumite.

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