How to Adjust a Motorcycle Chain

Adjusting your motorcycle chain is a very simple operation, but can lead many people to be confused.First I want to check and make sure how tight or lose it is, to begin with, above an inch of play from bottom to the top of the movement is what you would like to get on the chain. So you need to adjust it. What you should do. From time to time, it is gonna stretch and get loose. You are going to lose your main axle bolt here.But not completely remove it.Just loosen it enough that your axle can move freely back and forth.Go ahead and.. I will take a wrench. Go ahead and loosen the nut. Once that is loose and you have free movement, then you gonna need two wrenches, It might change from bike to bike, In my case, I need a 10 mm wrench and a 12 mm wrench.

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