Active Shooter and Terror Attacks

Active Shooter

Active Shooter & Terror Attacks

With the recent mass shootings in several cities in the United States, regardless of whether they are in schools, churches, work centers or shopping centers, anyone could be exposed to living one.

  • It is important today more than ever to be able to defend yourself and know what you can do to reduce an attacker.

Escape if possible, get away from the gunman, leave your belongings and flee, help others escape, call 911 when you are safe and describe the location, the weapon and the subject, are some of the fundamental recommendations.

  1. The first thing that is recommended, and that most would do by instinct, is to run, if possible, to get as far away from the situation. To distract the shooter an object could be thrown while running.
  2. The second recommended action is to hide behind some solid object, which can stop bullets. At that time, if the shooter walks near the person, it is essential to remain silent. That is why it is important not to panic.
  3. If you are safe and hiding, you can call 911, it is necessary to notify about the situation, describe the attacker, as that would help police services to identify him.
  4. The last resort would be to fight and defend. With the fists, the heels, the belt, chairs, books, there are several objects that could become a useful weapon to cause serious or lethal injuries to the gunman.


In the event that it happens in an office, when seeing the shooter in the distance, it is recommended to hide under the desks and silence the cell phone, because if it sounds, the attacker could easily discover them. In a parking lot, it would be best to hide under a car.

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