Abs Ball Exercise 

How to Abs Ball Exercise 

Abs Ball Exercise

Crunches on the ball. A nice exercise because it protects your lower back. Crunches on the floor are not ideal and I don’t recommend them.

Training with one of these balls will help you stretch your back and work on your middle section without any tension at all. Many people tend to pull on their necks when they do crunches but with a ball your body has support and you focus on the middle section.

Abs Ball Exercise Benefits

Abs Ball Exercise Benefits

  • Improvement of balance and coordination.
  • Awareness of correct posture.
  • Strengthening of the abdomen, back, and glutes.
  • Greater body relaxation.
  • Increased physical well-being.
  • Decreased risk of joint injuries (ankles, knees, shoulders …)
  • Back and spine natural stretch.


Crunches on a Ball Step by Step

  • Put the middle of your back on the ball. Walk your feet out.
  • Place your hands lightly behind your head.
  • Don’t pull. Again, keep the neck elongated.
  • Contract the core.
  • When you come up, you’re going to exhale.

If you’re a beginner, you want more of your upper back on the ball to make it easier. As you progress, you can move back a couple of inches. Less of my back on the ball, the more difficult it is. If you keep your hands flat on your stomach, you should feel a nice contraction.


  • Make sure your ball is not too small, it should cover your entire back
  • Make sure your ball is fully inflated
  • Do not exercise with a full stomach
  • Make sure you have ample space around
  • Your back should be in the center of the ball
  • Separate your feel to give better balance
  • 3 sets of 10 situps is a perfect number to get started
  • Once you feel comfortable create your own sets and repetitions

There are so many other exercises you can do with a ball, such as:

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