Abel Albonetti’s Six-Pack Supersets

There’s nothing Team Bodybuilding.com athlete and MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Abel Albonetti likes to do more than take something hard and make it harder. Abs are no exception. How else are you going to hear the wind whistle through your six-pack? After a few reps of these ab exercises, your stomach muscles will get seriously beat down.

Does he really have to go and make most of them weighted—and all of them supersetted? Yes.

| Six-Pack Supersets Workout |
1. Superset – 4 sets
Hanging Leg Raise – 12 reps (perform with weight between knees)
Rope Crunch – 12 reps
2. Superset – 4 sets
Cable Reverse Crunch – 12 reps
Weighted Sit-Ups – With Bands – 12 reps
3. Superset – 3 sets
Seated Barbell Twist – 30 reps (per side)
Push Up to Side Plank – 30 sec. (per side)
4. Superset – 4 sets
Ab Roller – 15 reps
Decline Reverse Crunch – 15 reps

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