Abductions and Martial arts

Abductions and Martial Arts


There is a huge number of abductions happening all the time in all parts of the world. Most of the victims are women and young kids. Some women are abused, raped and never found. This is part of Human Trafficking.

How can martial arts help fight this? In today’s world, martial artists who teach should do their best to deliver top martial arts instruction. Because you are teaching them how to defend themselves, you push them to their limit, you help them get better and better. 

We all have seen the news where teenagers, women, and kids have been missing; some of them found, some not, we have seen some of them put in cages and treated them like slaves. We Martial Artist need to deliver top quality training, not just for showing off, that is why we have to do our part.

The following video is very disturbing, a 22-year-old woman is being abducted, she was dragged down the street and thrown into a car. What could she have done to save herself? what if this happens to someone you know? How about your girlfriend or daughter?

What can we do to help reduce the number of these atrocities?

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