5 Today’s Gym rules you should know


Gym rules you should know

ok, I’m pissed! I’m mad! I have been training at 24-hour fitness every day from 6:00 am to 7:00 am before going to work… sometimes is a good experience but after a few months you get to see things you really don’t like, ok here we go.

Disclaimer, if I hurt your feelings… I don’t care. Questions? find me at the gym or in the Tatami.

1.- Stop the stupid selfie pictures! if you go to the gym to workout, then put the¬†phone down and work out, you’re sitting on a machine that I want to use but you’re too busy taking stupid selfies… come on, then you complain gym workout isn’t working at all. It’s because you spend 10 minutes on your stupid phone texting and taking stupid pictures showing off you are the gym. Come on!

2.-If you have a cold, dripping and drooling sick, stay home! Guys showing up at the gym so sick then look like just got out from the “Walking Dead” movie, barely walking and standing up, come on! Just stay home instead of spreading your germs.

3.- Please, please get a towel! Sweating is sexy on her sometimes but on you is disgusting, so don’t spread it around everything you touch. Don’t leave your liquid silhouette on the bench, there are sprayers and paper towels to clean it up. Get a cheap towel at the nearest 99cents store for God’s sake!

4.- Focus on your training, not mine! I’m sick tired of all those “drill sergeant” pretending to be a personal trainer or a coach, come on! if we want a personal trainer we would sign up for one! Stop disrupting other people’s workout so you can “fix” what they are doing! Do your own workout dude! Take a look at your donut belly and let me do my workout!

5.- Eat your food someplace else! Dude, you are at the gym to workout, not to bring your munchies or protein stuff to get bulky, come on! What the hell are you doing eating stuff on the press bench like that, someone also wants to use the press bench!

What do you do when this happens to you??

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