5 Sparring Drills Kickboxing Lessons


All right, guys. Now I’m going to do some kick boxing sparring drills. We’re going to keep it basic, then do some combinations at the end. Face me one second, all right. So first we’re going to start off just to get warmed up with some basic punch defense, so nice and easy. Melissa’s going to do one-two, one-two towards me. Always keeping your hands nice and tight and relaxed, okay? And I’m going to do a one-two, one-two towards her. One-two, one-two, there you go. Okay, now we’re going to move on the rear round house kick. So I’m going to do a rear roundhouse kick and Melissa’s going to block it, so hands up, nice and easy, good. And then now she’s going to throw a rear round house kick. Good, and then we’re going to go back and forth.

So it’s going to look like this, hands up. Good, and more, good. During this drill it’s very important, guys that you wear shin guards, just because shin to shin can really hurt or if you hit their knee it could really hurt. Next thing I want to do is front kick defense. So I’m going to throw my left front kick and Melissa’s going to swipe it across. Good, now you go. Good, and then I go. Good, nice and smooth, and then you go. And then I go one more time, swipe across, and you go. Good. Now we’re going to start combining these blocks. Hands up, so now nice and easy and I’m going do one-two, one-two, rear round house, block, block, block, block, and good. One more time one-two, one-two, and then I go and so now we’re going to go back and forth. Ready, go.

Good, okay. Now I’m going to go over to the front kick and then you’re going to take advantage of it by doing a round house kick yourself. So you’re going to block it, good. Swipe it, switch, and kick. Good, and I’m going to go. So front kick, swipe it across, I’m going to switch my stance and round house. So let’s do this back and forth. Nice and easy, swipe, good, switch good. Good, you go, switch, good. I go, and good, you go, switch, and right back. And guys that’s just some basic sparring drills that you could try out with a partner. Make sure you guys are nice and light with it, okay?

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