4 Intense Ab Workouts for Women


WORKOUT #1   The 5 Minute Ab Burnout

3 rounds, 20 seconds on each move

20 seconds Plank with Toe Touch
20 seconds each side Side Plank with Crunch and Kick
20 seconds Hinge and Twist
20 seconds Single Single Double Leg Lowers

WORKOUT #2    The Plank Core Killer

Complete 3-5 rounds of the circuit below. Work for 30 seconds on each move, resting 10 seconds between each move. Beginners may rest up to 30 seconds between rounds.

WORKOUT #3    The Cardio-Core Killer

Complete 4 rounds on each move, working for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds. After 4 rounds, move on to the next exercise. Work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

WORKOUT #4   The 300 Rep Core Burnout

Complete 20 reps of each move. Complete 3 rounds of the circuit as quickly as possible.


20 reps Banana Boat
20 reps Sprinter Sit Ups
20 reps Double V
20 reps Slow Mo Leg Lowers
20 reps Super Crunch