4 Fastest Ways to a Flat Stomach

4 Fastest Ways to a Flat Stomach

Ways to a Flat Stomach

Number one, diet. Start drinking a ton of water and start counting your macro nutrients. Start paying attention to the proteins you’re putting into your body, the carbohydrates, and the fats. You want to base your meals around protein and good fat.

Number two, stop boozing, your little lushes, I know. Just cut it out, just for a little while. I’m not asking for a life changing event, unless you need it. I’m just saying, if you’re looking for those washboard abs, there’s no room to take in those extra calories that are just doing nothing for you. Cut out the alcohol, you can live.

Number three, sleep. You’ve got to get your rest. So minimum six to seven hours, I would say. Make it a priority. Schedule it. Set an alarm to go to bed, I have to. Make it happen.

Number four, you have to work out obviously. It’s a given but everyone overlooks everything else. The combination of everything, doing everything will get you those washboard abs you’re looking for. You need to work out, I would say, four to five weeks minimally with doing interval training, whether it be on the treadmill. You can do it on the bike, just make sure your heart rate is getting up so your at 85% max. So that’s cardio. You want to be strength training, at least, three days a week. You want those abs? You’ve got to work for them.

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