3 Super Ab Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Super Ab Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Super Ab Exercises

These are three wonderful, miracle and simple exercises you can do anywhere! Maybe on a Sunday morning while on a walk, just a few repetitions and you’ll be on your way to a great shape. These are safe and proven to give your results as long as you are doing your homework and completing your sets.

Super Ab Exercises Step by Step:

  • Thread the Needle: You will start in a Side Plank then your opposite hand underneath your body and go back to your starting point.
  • Side Plank + Hip Dip: Side Planks really squeeze and tone all your entire core with a single move.
  • Plank + High Knees: You will be on a normal plank and bring your knee up, keep your back straight. Do your repetitions on both sides, you can even alternate them if you’d like.

You can do Super Ab Exercises at the park, backyard or even the beach.

Planks at the beach


This is a perfect side plank:

Image of a side plank

We recommend 3 sets of 10 – 15 repetitions of each set to feel them working, twice a week at least.

If you do this routine three times a week you will definitely see the results. Make it a challenge and invite a friend to join you!


  • Keep your entire body aligned on a stable surface.
  • Use a towel to support your forearms when doing your planks.
  • Do not do your repetitions too fast, you want to make sure you feel the muscles working together.

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