20 Facts about Taekwondo Tournaments


Usually when you guys join a tournament there’s three categories. The first competition event is called the form competition.
Now the form competition is where you and your opponent from another school show the judges your form. Again, there are different types of forms, there’s Taeguek forms, there’s Palgue, there are the black belt forms and, again, depending on your belt, you’re going to show your Taekwondo form.

For example, if you are an orange belt, you might show Taeguek 1 form or a Palgue 1 form. If you are a purple belt you might show a Taeguek 4 form, Taeguek SaJang, or Taeguek 5 form. Again, depending on your level.

Now the higher the level, the higher the form number goes, such as Taeguek 1, all the way up to Taeguek 8. Palgue 1 all the way to Palgue 8. If you hit the black belt, the first degree black belt form is called Koryo Poomse, and that’s the form that you’re going to show the judges.

Now what are we being judged on? Number one, judges look at your power, balance, technique, and focus. And again, depending on that, they score you. Again, the lowest score would be a 0.0 and the highest point would be 10.0. So again, if you get a higher score than your opponent then you will win.

The second event we’re going to talk about is board breaking. Now board breaking is where we break boards showing the judges your punches, your hand techniques, do kicks. And what are you being judged on? Number one, the difficulty of the kicks, the harder the kick the more points you get, but you’re also being judged on the execution of the kick. First of all, you’ve got to break the board, and second, we look at your execution, we look at the landing, we look at your balance, your kiyap, your focus, your spirit. And that’s what you’re being judged on.

With the lower belts, you will probably be showing the judges maybe a basic punch, to a basic axe kick, to a basic maybe roundhouse kick. And again, if you execute them strong and sharp, then you’re going to get really good points. But if you’re a higher belt, such as you become a black belt, maybe you’re going to be showing some harder kicks, more advanced kicks, such as, this is a kick called twin front kick, triple front kick, flying side kick, and in the video before I was showing volley kick, 540 hook kick. Those are very difficult so you’re going to get big points for that, but at the same time make sure you execute them well.

OK, we’re going to talk about some sparring event and also my favorite, and I call it the flower of Taekwondo event. What you do is you and your opponent wear safety gear. Now in Olympic style Taekwondo the safety gears are, we have a head gear, a chest protector, forearm gear, shin and instep gear, also for the male, the cup, and also mouth gear. Those are all mandatory before the fight.

Now when you guys are fighting, you guys first are paired up through, number one, gender, two, weight class, three, same level of belts. So black belts will go against black belts, and yellow belt will go against yellow belt or orange belt, somewhere similar around.

Now we’re being judged, number one, on points, on how we strike your opponent. If I throw a roundhouse kick to the body and it hits clear, nice and clean, it’s one point. If I show a spinning kick, such as tornado roundhouse kick, spinning back kick and hits the body, it’s two points. Also, if you hit the head or the face, it is three points. Again, there is about one to two rounds, about a minute to a minute thirty seconds long, and at the end whoever has the most points wins. So those are the three basic Taekwondo tournament events.

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