2 Best Ways to Wrap Your Hands Boxing Lessons


Wrapping Hands

I’m going to show you the two best ways to wrap hands ever. Wrapping hands properly will reduce any risk of injury, blood circulation problem, numbness, and wrist injury; because if your hands are not safe then you can’t box.

First, we’re going to start with 180 length wraps. We start with 180 length wraps because if you use anything shorter it won’t work. We start right here at the thumb, seam down. We come around the wrist as Neiman opens up his fingers just like so. Wrap it two to three times around the wrist, then come around the thumb just like so. And then lay, about mid knuckle, this portion of the wrap.

What we’re going to do after we come around once is layer. Layer the wrap just like so to create some padding on the knuckles. Then we come around once, and this wrap is laid real loose on top. We come around this portion of the hand, and we come through the pinkie, over the index, then we come middle finger. Then we come back around the top of the knuckles.

You want to provide a lot of cushion on the knuckles so we can avoid injury. We come around a couple of times, then we come back to the wrists. And for whatever reason, if you need more support on your wrist, you’ll leave that much more length for the wrist.

Neiman, how does that feel? All right. This is a perfect wrap, if you have a trainer to wrap for you, or you have a friend. When he makes a hand look at all that padding right there. This way the padding isn’t up here. It’s forward the knuckles. It’s a great wrap, the best wrap ever.

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