19 Super Intense Ab Exercises for Women

19 Super Intense Ab Exercises for Women

Ab Exercises for Women

These are 19 great intense exercises that will get you those 6 packs back where they belong. But also will help you shape your body helping you enhance your curves, sculpt your waist and make look & feel amazing.

You will work your rectus abdominis, the obliques, your lower back, upper back, arms to help stabilize and your legs.

Step by step

  1. Hinge and Twist
  2. Triple V
  3. Hip Dip With Rotational Reach
  4. Sprinter Sit-Up
  5. Side Arm Crunch and Kick
  6. Double V
  7. Super Crunch
  8. Slow Mo Leg Lowers
  9. Banana to Boat
  10. Plank Toe Touch
  11. Forearm Bird Dog
  12. Pull Over Bicycle
  13. Flutter Twist
  14. Spiderman Plank with Leg Raise
  15. Plank Shoulder Tap Jack
  16. Plank Skier Hop
  17. Plank Lateral Walks
  18. Single Double Lowers
  19. Leg Lowers Plus


  • You can set the pace on these exercises, you can also create your own sets and combinations.
  • Get your favorite music to get going with your workout.
  • You can build sets of three exercises non-stop, then rest, and then another set.
  • Have small sips of water on your breaks.
  • Take breaks of 30 seconds max and stretch your legs while you rest.

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