15 most practiced Martial Arts in the USA

Karate and the most practiced Martial Arts in USA

There are many martial arts in the world, but not all of them are seen on the news, the media pays more attention to soccer, football and other sports that are more profitable but lack of good values. It is a good venue to have an important baseball game than having a karate tournament for kids. Martial arts provide discipline, confidence, responsibility and much more. Every kid in the world should have the chance to learn martial arts.

This list only represents the most practiced martial arts, it is not presented in order of popularity or importance.

  1. Mixed martial arts

  2. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

  3. Capoeira

  4. Krav Maga

  5.  Japanese Karate

  6. American Kenpo

  7. Aikido

  8. Judo

  9. Hapkido

  10. Taekwondo

  11. Tang soo do

  12. Kobudo: Usage of weapons, for example, archery, fencing, and eskrima.

  13. Muay Thai

  14. Kung Fu

  15. Sports Karate

Karate is most common among all these due to the high number of students combined with kids and adults. There are several styles available to the community which you can find in most of the main cities.

Before joining any Martial Art studio you need to find out if that style is for you or not. Consider getting protection and training gear. Get your own and use your own only.

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