12 people you see at your Karate or Martial Arts dojo


12 People, you see at your Dojo

When you love Martial Arts you spend a good amount of hours training and you get to see “things” that are kinda unique… Yes! we’re talking about the people you see at your dojo from time to time.

Warning…any coincidence…would be your imagination…
1.- The competitor: This is the kind of guy or gal who is pushing themselves to the limit, the one with who no one wants to spar or train. But is a true inspiration for many and also very respected in the dojo.

2.- Future Instructor: The guy or gal who’s always inspired, self-disciplined, loyal to his master and is in charge of the class from time to time.

3.- The comedian: This is the guy who is always telling jokes or laughing at stupid things, making stupid comments when is not the right time. This person doesn’t train hard but tries to go along with the rest. The clown in the gi.

4.- The tired alien: The guy who is taking the time to rest while everyone is doing push-ups. He always has an excuse to not do a certain exercise, he will tell the instructor his back hurts him, his hair and nails are in pain.

5.- The foodie weird: This is the guy who watches every meal, after every class, there is food coming, willing to eat strange dishes, Bobby Flay is his Grand Master and Food Network his church. That’s the reason you that Home Depot bucket on that corner every class.

6.- The Forever Injured: It hurts just to look at him, the doctor told him to take it easy but he still shows up on sparring day. You don’t even want to touch him ’cause you know something is gonna fall off. The funny part he will look like crap and will say “I’m alright”. You know Sensei has a wheelbarrow for him ready at all times…

7.- The one No one expects: This is the typical guy who shows up for the class after two weeks off, sometimes he does not show in a month, trains a class or two, and then disappears. He is one of those who missed the exam and he’s been in that rank longer than anyone. Sensei calls him “lost in action”.

8.- Goku – Bruce Lee: This is the spirit of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mario Bros, Goku, and Bruce Lee combined. You might think he’s from the future, every time Sensei teaches a new technique you can see his eyeshine and a few tears rolling down. You see him at the supermarket and he will bow to you.

9.- The Hottie gal: Every dojo has that hottie girl…She shows up and everyone gets stuck, you forget the technique, some get injured, guys fight and line up to be her training partner in that class.

10.- The Terminator: This is the guy with more muscles than Arnold, no one, absolutely no one wants to roll, spar, or touch gloves with him. His hands look like hammers, his neck…wait there’s no neck. Hulk is a green bug next to this guy.

11.- The water boy: When he shows up for the class you know you’ll need the mop. 1 push up and he’s already melting butter turning that corner into a small lake. No one wants to roll in BJJ with him ’cause you know what’s going to happen…

12.- Drill Sergeant: This is Sensei’s friend, sometimes he does the warm-ups or half of the
class. He’s the reason why the next day you can’t walk straight. His favorite color is CAMO and loves that 80’s show the “A-TEAM”.

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